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Best Android Keyboard Themes APPS Download

One of the essential features of Android devices is undoubtedly the great possibilities of customization that gives us this operating system.Thanks to this we can make our tablet or smartphone look original, and practically does not resemble any other similar equipment. Precisely, within the personalization that we can make to our device, we can change the wallpaper, add […]

The Slimmest Android Smartphones Ever

For a few years now, Android smartphones have become one of the most widely used mobile devices around the world, because they offer us real flexibility when having a device that allows us to carry, At any time and place, our digital needs. And precisely because of the increased sales of these devices and the increasing use […]

Share Internet From Computer to Android Device

There is no doubt that wireless connections, especially WiFi, have become the most used method by users around the world to create computer networks and access the websites and services provided on the Internet. This is fundamentally due to the convenience of being able to communicate with other devices without the need for cables between them, with all the […]

How To Turn ON/OFF Safe Mode in Android

Safe Mode on Android is one of the best ways to prevent our device from continuing to cause further damage in case of problems with system applications or user applications.Basically it is a protection system that will allow us to have a more protective wall in case something bad happens. In this article we will learn that […]

How To Calibrate the Gyroscope on Android?

The gyroscope is currently one of the most used sensors by Android users, who make use of the data that this component delivers to perform various tasks, including applications and games that make use of virtual reality technology. In these areas, the gyroscope is an indispensable tool, since it allows us to locate ourselves accurately and quickly. That is […]

Best Android Speed Booster and Optimizer

All users who use a smartphone or Android tablet every day, know that for more processor power or memory that counts their equipment, over time the performance that the device had initially begun to fade. It is exactly at this point that we should think about installing an optimized for Android. The optimizers allow us to recover the […]

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